Best Retail Contractors in El Paso

EPPX Construction named one of the best retail contractors in El Paso.

One of five contractors recognized by General Contractor Magazine, EPX (formally EPPX), was selected as one of the best retail contractors in El Paso.

“El Paso is known to be the commercial and financial center for an extensive trade territory where livestock ranching, irrigated cotton farming, and mineral production are major economic activities. Nowadays, Downtown El Paso is a city shaped by commerce, culture, community, and historical circumstances. Among the five districts that carry these circumstances,

El Centro is a district where shopping serves as the daily activity, making the district bustle with life. Among the various shops El Paso houses are boutiques crafted by the contractors featured in this list. Alongside leaders who expertly lead their teams into producing quality work, these firms are also known for having years of experience under their belt. ”

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